The Beauty

The Beauty


Flag of India


India is a country. It is actually one of the largest countries on the planet, touting a population of over one billion people. This is similar to China, that touts a population of over one billion people. Since there are only seven billion people in the world as of 2015, each of those countries touts a population that is 1/7 the entire population of the planet. Now, that is a lot of people. When it comes to India, many people there are very into agriculture, in to industrial life, and in to factory life. We are sure that there is going to be an area in India that is similar to what you are used to, which is why we describe it as such.

India may actually be a home to the caste system, in which there are social classes that people are born into. When you are born into a poor family, you are basically born into your social class where you are essentially forced to be in for the rest of your days. Of course there are people that leave the caste system and head off to another country, and that tends to be a smaller amount of people than those who wish to stay. Those that wish to stay in India most likely have a lot in India, that they do not want to leave what they already have. Think about it. If you had a lot of items in your home country, would you leave it all in order to enter another country? Would you leave all your experiences behind to embark on a brand new journey to a land where you can be free? It sounds like a tough decision to make and a hard one to deal with. We advise that you spend your time thinking on what it would be like to leave the country where you live and have a life elsewhere. It would be a completely different experience and may not be a trip that you want to embark on. Most likely, you would want to stay settled where you are, because you have most of your life here. Why would you want to go embark on a journey that may scare you and leave you worse off?

Diverse India

We will tell you. The only way you would do that would be if you have a vision that is larger than the situation you are already currently in. If you have a vision that is bigger than the problem you are in now, then we advise you to look for ways to get that vison and dream to become your reality. Why would you not want to embark on a journey to become a greater person, where freedom and happiness could be found around the corner? It is much better and much more positive that way. We believe in people who have visions for their future, because life is a lot easier when you tackle your challenges, overcome them, and grow as a person. As long as you do that, then you are a better person and will be able to handle the world ahead of you.


Think about what you want for your life and how you are willing and able to achieve it. Picture the sunny roads, the beautiful air, and everything you could have within your fingertips in your dream home. Think of the smiles of all the people around you as you achieve all your goals. Think of the sweet-smelling flowers that are not in your garden of roses and dandelions and you ponder the beauty of God’s creation. Think of all the beauty and blessings you have because of God, and be thankful of where you are heading to: Heaven.